Earth Day, AAC Style

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Earth Day, AAC Style
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For more than 50 years, people in the US have marked April 22 as a day to honor our planet and demonstrate support for environmental protection. Here are some AAC-friendly ideas and materials to celebrate Earth Day.

  1. Learn about the importance of Earth Day with this book from Boardmaker.
  2. Getting to the Core of Earth Day
  3. Write an acrostic poem like this one by Donna O’Reilly.PrAACtically Earth Day: 20+ Ideas for Language Learning Fun
  4. Make infused water for a planet-friendly drink using these resources from the AAC Language Lab.
  5. Play Earth Day BINGO with these LessonPix materials by Liz Sturgill.PrAACtically Earth Day: 20+ Ideas for Language Learning Fun
  6. Let’s Go Outside!
  7. Do some easy Earth Day crafts with these links curated by Special Learning House.
  8. Make some Earth Day waffles with this recipe from Shevi Greebel.PrAACtically Earth Day: 20+ Ideas for Language Learning Fun
  9. Create a language experience survey. Here are some possible questions for your survey
    • What are your favorite outdoor activities?
    • Tell me about a time when you had an outdoor adventure.
    • What are some ways that you reuse and recycle?
  10. Make some Earth Day plant heads with Erin Pleuss’s project directions.PrAACtically Earth Day: 20+ Ideas for Language Learning Fun
  11. Create some Earth Day art with these Dot Marker Mystery Pictures from Mrs. Thompson’s Treasures.
  12. If file folder activities are your jam, take a look at this set from Autism Educators.
  13. Have some fun with this recycling-themed game by All Things Kindergarten.
  14. Tour the Grand Canyon with Elmo & friends.
  15. Plan some hands-on activities with this flipbook and activity packet from Heart 2 Heart Teaching.
  16. Make some Earth Day Promises with this writing activity from KTPonTPT.PrAACtically Earth Day: 20+ Ideas for Language Learning Fun
  17. Is it time for some slime? Check out this recipe for Earth Day Slime from A Sparkle of Genius.
  18. Pay a virtual visit to a national park.
  19. Explore some of the Junior Ranger virtual activities.
  20. Make an Earth Day Wreath with these materials from the AAC Language Lab.
  21. Learn about the High Line in New York City with these passages from Jillian Starr.
  22. Get moving with this Sensory Nature Walk from the OT Toolbox.Sensory Nature Walk
  23. Plan to take some mindfulness moments with trees as suggested by the Heritage Conservancy
  24. Head to the park and sing The Park Song by Speech and Language Songs.
  25. Build a backyard fairy house.
  26. Play backyard conservation Bingo.
  27. Go on a nature scavenger hunt using this form from the Delaware Nature Conservancy.PrAACtically Earth Day: Celebrating the Planet with AAC
  28. Make a planetary craft with this fun activity from the AAC Language Lab.
  29. Go on a virtual field trip to the Recycling Center with your friends from Sesame Street.

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