Celebrating AAC Awareness Month 2013!

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Celebrating AAC Awareness Month 2013
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Celebrating AAC Awareness Month is fun and exciting. We are hearing great stories about how AAC is impacting students, children, adults, families, educators, & SLP’s.  Our PrAACtical AAC celebration could not happen without the generosity of so many companies and developers. We have been overwhelmed by their continued support. We could not be more THANKFUL. Their apps, software, and products help AAC users learn communication and language with optimal success.  Be sure to enter for a chance to win awesome prizes that will help you teach AAC to ALL people who need it. From AAC, assessment , continued professional development, literacy, to communication everywhere there are amazing options.  GOOD LUCK! 

How Does It Work?

  • We use Rafflecopter to administer the giveaways. All entries made through there will be counted toward our drawings.
  • We’re holding two drawings: October 9th and 31st.
  • Once we’ve drawn our winners, we’ll send an email to each one. You’ll need to be a good sport to play along because we’re not going to get into requests for specific prizes or substitutions. (As I learned from wise-beyond-her-years Pauleen, “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset.” Love that!)
  • The winners will have 5 days to respond to our email.
  • We’ll send out the prizes.

How Often Can You Enter?

That depends on what kind of entry it is. See our AAC Awareness Rafflecopter for details.

The Fine Print

  1. Winners have 3 days to respond to the email with prize notification. On day 4 after the notification was sent, we will draw a new winner for that prize. Check your spam filters so you don’t miss our notification.
  2. Tech Support: Regrettably, we can’t provide it. If you have trouble with Twitter or Facebook or anything like that, you’ll have to rely on your problem-solving skills to FIO (figure it out). We’re new to a lot of this ourselves, so we probably wouldn’t be much help anyway.
  3. In the event of unforeseen difficulties with prize donors or other things that give us grief, we reserve the right to make prize substitutions.
  4. What if you don’t like or need your prize? There’s probably someone in your community who does. Consider donating it to a local school, hospital, clinic, or library. We won’t be making substitutions based on winners’ preferences. (Sorry, folks. We gotta leave some time in the day for our real jobs.)
  5. The app codes that were donated are for the US app store.
  6. iPads are not included.
  7. We are not responsible for prizes that get lost in the mail.

 If you’re an AAC service provider, we invite you to celebrate AAC Awareness month and join in the fun!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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This post was written by Robin Parker


  • jannike johnsen says:

    I am still learning about AAC and what all can be done with it. I have 2 students who will be getting new devices soon and are learning how to use the dynavox they currently have. My students are tickled pink that they can now participate in activities with their classmates and have a voice in requesting items they want instead of being just given something.

  • Jasmin says:

    I love Proloquo and my subscription to symbostix!

  • Sandy says:

    AAC support has helped more than a few students become “like real kids,” as one older sibling put it. Compliant students learn to say “no,” are empowered to ask for a break instead of having a meltdown, and “find their voice.”

  • Nichole is twenty now and despite having an older sister who was a successful AAC user, she shunned it for years. It turns out that she despised the DECtalk voices so much that she would rather not communicate then use the devices. With the advent of better voices and more access techniques, she has become fascinated with the variety and diversity of options available. Now it is her goal to know as many iOS apps and devices as possible to show people why different options work better in different situations for different people. I love that she is so invested in exploring what is out there, even if it drives me nuts because that entails tons of time on my part. 🙂

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