Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month 2022 

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Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month 2022 
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What began in 1970 as a day to raise public awareness of autism has evolved to focus on building acceptance and support of autistic people. 

Support comes in many ways, of course. Teachers, therapists, and parents, can and do support autistic children and adults in a multitude of ways based on their individual priorities, strengths, and needs.

But that’s not all we can do. 

Among other things, professionals can support autistic individuals by:

  • Learning from them through watching their videos and attending their presentations, as well as by reading their books, articles, and posts;
  • Purchasing things they create;
  • Bringing attention to their work on social media; 
  • Contributing to their crowd-sourced efforts (e.g., Patreon, GoFundMe), and
  • Hiring them to speak, consult, write, etc.

Today, we open our pages to all of you in an effort to raise awareness of autistic individuals who are creators, presenters, authors, mentors, and consultants. Share what you know so that we can each make new connections.

In the boxes below, share a URL for a page we can visit to learn more about the autistic individual’s work, products, and services. In the other box, give the name or title of the site, person, or work. 

Note: This feature is moderated to cut down on spam so it may take a while for your contribution to show up. Also, if you receive this post in your email inbox, you are probably getting it before anyone has had a chance to add their links. Check back later in the day if you’re interested in seeing what people from around the globe are sharing.

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