AACtual Therapy: Positive Behavior Management with Gail Bennell

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AACtual Therapy: Positive Behavior Management with Gail Bennell
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Today we’re welcoming back Australian SLP Gail Bennell, from Raising Nonverbal Children. Gail has a private practice and works tirelessly to disseminate AAC information through social media. You can see Gail’s previous guest post, on empowering parents, here. In this post, Gail talks about her approach to addressing behaviors that are challenging for us or the AAC learners with whom we work. We love the positive and prAACtical approach she uses.


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This post was written by Carole Zangari


  • Christine says:

    Thank you for this helpful tool which will be so handy in managing all sorts of behavioural issues. When we see behaviours as unacceptable we forget that it is not useful to react emotionally. But instead, to step back, take a deep breath, observe without judgement and start analysing what and why the behaviour is happening. I’ve printed out each screenshot to remind me to work through these important steps.

    • Gail Bennell says:

      Hi Christine,

      Absolutely, Being able to recognise when you are reacting emotionally, and then taking the time to step outside of that emotion to just observe is so important. But it is not always easy either! Having someone else who is not involved emotionally is a great way of being able to reflect without judgement (on yourself, or the child!).

      Best wishes

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