AAC Teamwork: Encouraging Colleagues – PrAACtical Tool #2

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AAC Teamwork: Encouraging Colleagues - PrAACtical Tool #2
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Even when everyone has good intentions, AAC implementation doesn’t happen overnight. Strengthening our resolve to learn the student’s AAC system, model it as we speak to them, provide instruction, and give ample opportunities for practice takes commitment and leadership.

In the past, we’ve talked about strategies to get the team onboard with skills like aided language input, using no-tech communication boards to build language, and shared training materialsIn this series, we’re sharing some printables to recognize the efforts of our team members, and keep them energized to keep going. Here is the second set of tags/bookmarks to share with your teams.

AAC Teamwork: Encouraging Colleagues - PrAACtical Tool # 2

You can download them here. If you missed the first set, you can get those here.

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