AAC Link Up – May 22

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AAC Link Up - May 22
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It’s that time again! Once a week, we invite you to share your own AAC-related content so that others may learn from you and benefit from your efforts.  It may be a recent post you’ve written, a slide deck from your AAC presentation, a handout, video, or meme that you’ve posted online, an AAC product you’ve created, an announcement for an AAC camp or conference, or any other prAACtical content you developed and want to share with the AAC community. To post your own link, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post and complete the form.

The AAC Link Up is moderated to keep us from being spammed, so it may take a little while for your link to show up.

Note: If you receive this post in your email inbox, you are probably getting it before anyone has had a chance to add their links. Check back later in the day if you’re interested in seeing what people from around the globe are sharing.





If you’re local, you might be interested in this free 2-day training with Dr. Caroline Musselwhite. You can use the righthand slider on the interactive image below or click here for a larger version.


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