AAC Awareness Month Wrap-Up

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AAC Awareness Month Wrap-Up
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It’s hard to believe that AAC Awareness Month 2012 is over. We are happy to announce the winners of the final drawing.

Diane Saunders (#160), Rachel Berry (#12), Claire Rubin (#73), Cassandra Stafford (#726), Carrie Walls (#609), Alison Rumball (#369), Monica Venezia (#309), Tanya Keller Scott (#414), Tea Moore (#393), Christina Frenzel (#179), Hudi Bernstein (#668), Yvette Bardole (#350), Lauren Enders (#241), Juliana Escobar (#500), Caroline Trzaska (#294), Kimberly Hurley (#488), Jane Eikelboom (#189), Amy Vinson Taylor (#771), Lisa Neely (#567), Stacey (#695), Debra Seixas (#451), and Melissa Seldin (#268). We will be in touch later today with the specifics.

We are deeply appreciative of the AAC community who furnished the prizes we awarded to 70+ winners. A huge thank you to Ablenet, Inc, Abilipad, Alexicom, Avaz, BeeVisual, Dynavox/Mayer Johnson, Gail Van Tatenhove, PA, Hump Software, iClick iTalk, MarbleSoft, Mozzaz, News-2-You, Paul H. Brookes Publishing Company, RJ Cooper, Safe N Sound Mobile, Say It with Symbols, Silver Lining Multimedia, SpeechPathology.com, TapSpeak, TherapyBox/TBoxApps, and Verbally. Please stop by their Facebook page, website, or Twitter feed to help us thank them for the support of AAC practictioners.

Thanks to all who participated. We had a blast!

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