AAC After Floods, Fires, & Other Major Disasters

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AAC After Floods, Fires, & Other Major Disasters
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Wildfires, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and other disasters can have a devastating impact on anyone but people who use AAC are particularly vulnerable. It never seems like it could happen to us until it does. Here in the US, it seems like hardly a week goes by without news of another destructive event that upends a community. Even with the best emergency preparation, people who use AAC can find themselves without a functioning communication device after these catastrophic events.

Fortunately, USSAAC’s AAC Disaster Relief Committee is able to provide assistance to those whose communication systems get lost or damaged in a hurricane, flood, wildfire, or other major disasters.

We can’t predict when disaster will strike but we can prepare. Please take a moment to bookmark this post for future use. And if you live in an area affected by a recent disaster, please help us the word out to those in need. Share it with disability organizations, tag them on social media, and post to relevant Facebook pages. Help is here for those in the US and territories where a major disaster has occurred.

You can support these efforts by volunteering on this committee and or making a donation. But our biggest need is for you to get involved by sharing this information with individuals and agencies in your areas that may need USSAAC’s help.

To learn more about this project see the graphic below. Use the slider on the right to navigate or click here for the full-sized version.

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