5 Things That (Should) Guide SLPs in the Practice of AAC

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5 Things that Guide SLPs in the Practice of AAC
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Providing good AAC services is messy stuff. To start with, language therapy can’t be tied up into neat little packages. Add in motor skills, symbolization, perceptual abilities, the technology, and all the rest of it and you can see why SLPs new to AAC get overwhelmed. Here are some resources we turn to when trying to blaze a path to communicative competence with our AAC friends.

  1. ASHA’s Roles and Responsibilities of SLPs with Respect to AAC
  2. National Joint Committee (NJC) Position Statement on Eligibility to Communication Services
  3. Developmental Patterns for Syntax and Morphology 
  4. Data from a Comprehensive AAC Assessment 
  5. ASHA Code of Ethics 
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