5 Books for AAC Professionals

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5 Books for AAC Professionals
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Reading blogs and websites is a great way to get information on practical aspects of AAC. For a deeper dive, consider digging into some of these books.

  1. Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Engagement and Participation by Erna Alant 
  2. Multimodal AAC for Individuals with Down Syndrome by Krista Wilkinson and Lizbeth Finestack
  3. Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Models and Applications, 2nd Edition by Filip Loncke
  4. Augmentative and Alternative Communication Intervention: An Intensive, Immersive, Socially Based Service Delivery Model by Janet Dodd
  5. Tele-AAC by Nerissa Hall, Jenifer Juengling-Sudkamp, Michelle Gutmann, and Ellen Cohn 

Is there a book that’s made a big difference in your AAC work? Use the comments feature to share your thoughts.

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