35 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, May 2012

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35 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, May 2012
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The Fives
1. 5 Sites for Professionals who are Supporting Military Families with Special Needs Children
2. 5 Charitable Programs that Support Funding for Communication through Mobile Devices
3. 5 Sites for Tools & Tips on Self-Calming & Behavior Regulation
4. Five (More) Resources for Supporting Friendships in Individuals Who Use AAC

34 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, May 2012

PrAACtical Thinking

  1. Updated: 59 Free and Lite AAC Apps
  2. Magic Moments with Qwiki: PrAACtical Learning for Older Students and Adults
  3. PrAACtical Teaching
  4. PrAACtical Alert: How Your Junk Drawer Can Help People Who Use AAC
  5. Magic Moments with Toca Store
  6. Random App of Kindness
  7. Sticky Situation
  8. AAC ASD App From the Ivory Tower
  9. PrAACtical Resources: Evidence-Based Practice Maps
  10. PrAACtical Suggestions: 10 Ways to Help Families Make Informed Decisions about AAC
  11. PrAACtical Suggestions: How to Get Started with A New AAC Client, Part 1
  12. International Cri du Chat Awareness Week
  13. Saying ‘I Love You’ on Mother’s Day
  14. iTaalk for Better Hearing and Speech Month
  15. Resource # 2: May is Better Hearing and Speech Month
  16. Happy ‘May is Better Hearing and Speech Month’!

Strategy of the Month: Expanding Our PrAACtical Learning Network

  1. Developing Your PrAACtical Learning and Resource Network

Digital Curation Resources

  1. Getting the Scoop on AAC
  2. Digital Curation: AAC Treasures


  1. AAC Sites You Can’t Afford to Miss
  2. PrAACtical Resources: Blogs We Love

Twitter Resources

  1. Twitter Goes to School
  2. Check Your Twitter Stage
  3. PrAACtical Connections with Twitte

Facebook Resources

  1. BHSM Resource: SLPeeps
  2. More AAC-Friendly Facebook Favorites
  3. BHSM Resource: AAC-RERC on Facebook

Video of the Week
1. Piggy’s AAC Phone
2. PrAACtical Information on Supporting Physical Access to SGDs and Mobile Devices
3. More Classroom-based AAC
4. AAC Extreme Makeover: Classroom Edition

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