31 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, December 2012

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31 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, December 2012
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PrAACtically Thinking

  1. Happy New Year
  2. Let’s Cook: It’s PrAACtically the New Year!
  3. 10 Resources for Planning and Designing Communication Books31 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, December 2012
  4. Why We Love AAC Language Experience Activities
  5. AAC Vocabulary Instruction Round-Up
  6. Beyond Good Intentions: Thoughts on PrAACtical Supports for AAC Families
  7. No Words: “We’re Hurting, Too”
  8. Quick Start Communication Book Pages
  9. Talk About Me, Too: AAC and Visual Strategies for Significant Challenges
  10. The PrAACtical Side of Giving: Random AACts of Kindness
  11. Hello, Holiday! 10 Great Apps to Gift
  12. Do It My Way: Personalizing Communication Books
  13. 31 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, November 2012
  14. Why We Love Sequential Message Devices/Apps

Strategy of the Month

  1. The PrAACtical Power of Communication Books
  2. Organizing Vocabulary for Communication Books: Getting Started
  3. Communication Books: Making Decisions About Format
  4. The Communication Book is Ready: Now What?
  5. PrAACtically Personal: Individualizing Communication Books

Video of the Week

  1. Making Libraries Inclusive
  2. Inclusive Libraries, Part 2
  3. Why Use AAC?
  4. Why Introduce A Picture-Based Communication System?
  5. In the Treasure Bag: Using Sharing Time to Focus on Vocabulary

The Fives

  1. 5 AAC-related Presentation Handouts from 2012
  2. 5 Ways to Improve Therapy Sessions for People Learning AAC
  3. 5+ Ways to Make Page Fluffers and Spacers
  4. Merry Christmas, PrAACtical AAC Style: 5 Ideas for Creating Language Rich Traditions
  5. 5 Awesome Things We’ve Heard Kids Say with AAC
  6. 5 Things We Love for Supporting Literacy Learning by People Who Use AAC
  7. 5 Things to Do to See If Your Vocabulary Instruction is Effective (& 5 Things to Do If It’s Not)
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