30 Things to Do During Autism Awareness Month

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30 Things To Do During Autism Awareness Month
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Confetti funWe love getting EVERYONE  involved in Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month.  We like to take a goal focused approach to our autism  activities by choosing projects that facilitate autism awareness & acceptance, positive attitudes, and  autism & communication learning.  We pass out materials, have contests, go to events, do extra talks, and try and engage EVERYONE we know and even some we do not know.  We do a lot of shopping (with small amount of money, but we have to EAT and accessorize).  Our families, pets, friends, and students all participate.  It is a month filled with purposeful fun.  Here are some of the things we will be doing. Please share any activities or projects that you know about.

  1. Read & share 5 references that support the use of AAC & Autism (evidence based research)
  2. Check out the Online Autistic Carnival which is currently accepting submission of various video documentaries (music, art, writing, acting, etc.) from autistic people
  3. Learn & Share information about Autism Safety – Be AWAARE!
  4. Learn about ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network)
  5. Check out the visual supports for learning conversational and social skills from Joel Shaul  Autism Teaching Strategies.com
  6. Become involved with the National Autism Association’s Move Autism Forward to help all autistic people have a voice
  7. Know about the pre-requisites for AAC by getting the facts & myths from the American Speech & Hearing Association & Speech & Language Kids (By the way there are none)
  8. Start following an autism self advocate’s blog or facebook page  (some great ones- Karla’s ASD Page, Zoe- Illusion of Competence, Autocast, Paula Durbin-Westby
  9. Read and Share Assistive Technology Family Resource Guides (English & Spanish) to facilitate communication opportunities.
  10. Read or recommend another  book about autism. Try the Autism Society of North Carolina’s Bookstore for ideas.
  11. Organize, attend, or volunteer at a autism & sensory friendly event such as a video game fundraiser, lego building fundraiser (legothon), etc.
  12. Listen and share a great on-line module.  Autism Internet Modules are excellent and free.
  13. Read about Thinking Person’s Guide for Autism Acceptance Month.
  14. Create some visual supports for a student, teacher, or family who needs them. Then wrap them up  as a present and say “Happy Autism Awareness Month“
  15. Learn about Autism Acceptance Month
  16. Teach literacy to ALL learners. Share free resources that are for beginning readers at any age- Tar Heel Reader
  17. Learn more about literacy, AAC, technology & ALL learners  by following Jane Farrall’s blog
  18. Print and laminate some free visual supports to use with students. Try Boardmaker Share or PreK ESE Dade County
  19. Watch Language Stealers to learn about CORE WORDS & AAC to facilitate language
  20. Learn more about Core Words & AAC for teaching language from the AAC Language Lab or ASHA- A Few Good Words
  21. Support a business for people with autism or other developmental disabilities.  One that promotes autism and micro enterprising is Artists with Autism
  22. Watch a video about positive behavioral and visual supports. Learn about the behavior-communication link
  23. Go to a Bakery that is celebrating autism awareness month. Panera Bread teamed up with the Dan Marino Foundation to make DELICIOUS cookies. Our super friend Jay, brings them each year & they are a ‘must have’ again. Lee & Marie’s Cakery Company is another amazing bakery that you must try (locations in Miami & New York).
  24. Attend an autism awareness event in your area.
  25. Mentor a new speech-language pathologist or teacher in the area of communication and autism
  26. Bake, share, & eat some desserts. Need inspiration?.. try these Puzzle Piece Rice Crispy Treats
  27. Learn more about technology and communication for autism. An easy way to get started is to follow some Pinterest Boards:  Apps for Communication & Autism or any of Lauren Enders Boards
  28. Follow a parent autism blog such as Momma Be Good; Small But Kinda Mighty, Autism from a Father’s Point of View
  29. Learn some new fun activities for autism that help create meaningful language experiences
  30. Stay current about AAC and language learning! Subscribe to PrAACtical AAC   EVERYONE should have access and support for communication strategies.


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