10 Ways to Have an AAC Holiday Season!

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8 Ways to Have An AAC Holiday
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Twas the Night Before Christmas

  1. Use social narratives to explain happy upcoming events, stressful upcoming events, and  out of the routine type events. Not only do social narratives help with understanding, but they can also help with ways to talk about activities and events.
  2. Use Aided Language Input (ALI) to model. It will show that even when there is a lot going on, AAC is still important and a high priority.
  3. Give out some AAC related presents to educators, professionals, families, and AAC users.
  4. Create the visual supports for holiday songs and poems. Or use a single step or sequential message device to record the songs, so everyone can sing together. You can even program the songs into high tech devices and have quite the good singing voice.
  5. Provide frequent communication opportunities for the AAC user to make choices, give opinions, rate activities and events, vent, ask questions, tell, and share information.
  6. Make talking photo albums to help talk about past events as you visit with family and friends.  You can tell about the ‘night’ the tree was decorated or the time you ‘baked holiday cookies’.  Put in the mundane as well as funny and not so funny part of the experiences. This can also be done as part of school/therapy and home correspondence. You might even get a head start on the school assignment- What did you do over the holiday break?
  7. Create an AAC Personal Learning Network (PLN) for the upcoming year.  Join some new AAC blogs, follow some new people on twitter or pinterest, subscribe to new journals. Do whatever creates your own PLN.
  8. Have a GREAT Holiday, knowing that by teaching, learning, and sharing AAC, you are making a huge difference in the lives of people with significant communication needs.


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