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5 Ways to Promote Consistent AAC Use

October 29, 2013 by - 4 Comments

5 Ways to Promote Consistent AAC Use

Work with someone who uses AAC but not as consistently as you would like? Here are some thoughts on how to make an impact in that area. 1. Write goals that help you fight this battle. E.g., Janie will use her AAC system to ask for help at least once per activity; Jimmy will use his AAC system to answer 2-3 curriculum-related questions in each class period; Given her AAC system, Jenny will use the correct morphological endings for plurals and past tense at the beginning or ending of each group activity.   2. Be an AAC cheerleader. In most settings, it is the adult who sets the tone for how communication will proceed. If it isn’t important to US, then it will never be important to the AAC learners. So, we try our best to use AAC every time we see the learner. It takes some work to build... [Read More...]

31 Posts You May Have Missed in August

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31 Posts You May Have Missed in August

Strategy of the Month Back to School with AAC AAC ‘Must Haves’ for the Classroom & Speech Room PrAACtical Partnerships: AAC & Academics AAC Around the School and Beyond Core Words & the Curriculum PrAACtical Thinking 5 Things to Remember About AAC Technology Fun Friday Commenting to the Max 31 Posts You May Have Missed in July Keep Calm & …………. Great Music Apps & AAC Language Goals  5 Free Resources for Making Communication Boards & Visual Supports 5 Reasons to Say Yes to ‘NO’ Magic Moments with Tellagami Watch It Wednesday: AAC Core Word Vocabulary teaching by Gail Tatenhove & Robin 5 Ways to Use Sequenced Message SGDS and APPS 7 Writing Apps & Activities for ALL Writers PrAACtical Uses of QR Codes Watch This: Example of Teaching Expressive Language with the iPad & AAC Device by the Awesome AAC Chicks 5 Things to Consider About Data Collection in... [Read More...]

Watch This- Learning Expressive Language with the iPad & AAC Device

August 20, 2013 by - 4 Comments

Here is authentic AAC teaching by the AAC Chicks.  Watch for the combined use of AAC language facilitation strategies. Can you see: aided language input, wait & signal/time delay prompt, specific reinforcement, expansions, scaffolding, modeling, and more.  Also, for the SLP’s, notice the data collection that does not distract from the session.  

How I Do It: Writing IEP Goals for Students Who Use AAC with Lauren Enders

April 25, 2013 by - 5 Comments

How I Do It: Writing IEP Goals for Students Who Use AAC with Lauren Enders

We’re so happy to welcome Lauren Enders back to share some more thoughts on AAC and the IEP. In her first post on this topic, Lauren addressed some frequently asked questions. Today, she provides a very valuable perspective on writing IEP goals for students who use or need AAC and some wonderful resources. Very often, I receive requests for support from teachers and speech therapists that are writing IEP goals for their students who use AAC.  When we sit down to discuss their questions, the first thing I remind them is that AAC goals are no different from any other IEP goal.  I recall a workshop I attended years ago presented by Gail VanTatenhove that helps put IEP goals for AAC into perspective.  Gail said that AAC therapy is just language therapy.  Isn’t that true? Aren’t we just teaching language?  For this student, language is simply being expressed in a... [Read More...]

Still More AAC Handouts from ASHA, 2012

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Hope that many of our prAACtical friends are working on proposals for the 2013 ASHA Convention in Chicago. To inspire us all, here are five presentation handouts from previous annual conference. AAC: What Was, Is, & Hopefully Will Be by David Yoder Effectiveness of Telerehabilitation in AAC Service Delivery by Tanya Curtis Creating a Framework for AAC Evidence-Based Assessment by Elizabeth (Libby) Rush and Celeste Helling Determining Effectiveness of a Communication Program for Children With Autism by Meher Banajee, Timothy Morse, Angie Pardee and Morgan Weihing AAC & Autism: Collaboration, Training, & Data Collection in School by Amy Golding and Deidre King Good luck with those proposals!

Magic Moments with Verb Circus

January 4, 2013 by - 1 Comment

We are so excited to see the expanded web presence by SLPs who are blogging, running groups on Facebook, sharing resources on Pinterest, and maintaining online stores on TeachersPayTeachers. We’ve been thinking about how to connect with some of these creative professionals, both to extend our own professional learning networks and also to broaden the reach of our AAC message. Recently, when an opportunity to forge a few connections presented itself, we decided to collaborate with a few new SLP friends. Periodically, we will be featuring the materials of a fellow SLP who typically writes for colleagues serving primarily children with high incidence disabilities. They post great ideas and materials for students with articulation and phonological difficulties, fluency problems, and language disorders. We hope to put a prAACtical spin on their great ideas. In our inaugural post of this type, we hope to inspire some Magic Moments with fellow SLP Jocelyn... [Read More...]

5 Ways to Improve Therapy Sessions for People Learning AAC

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1. Start therapy as soon as you see the client: Savvy SLPs don’t waste a single second of therapy time. As soon as she saw 4 year-old Jonah in the waiting room, Chloe Clinician started sprinkling him with practice opportunities. They used vocalizations and gestures to greet other people. He ‘signed in’ at the front desk using a sheet she made up for Jonah to trace the first letter of his name. She blocked the door with her foot until he told her to ‘open’ and delayed his access to the beloved elevator button until he asked to go ‘up.’ By the time Jonah got to his therapy room, he had practiced skills in 5 different areas. This makes a clinical supervisor’s heart sing! 2. Speak AAC whenever you talk to the client. We’ve been shouting this from the virtual rooftops for quite awhile, but for those who missed it,... [Read More...]

5 Things to Do to See If Your Vocabulary Instruction is Effective (& 5 Things to Do If It’s Not)

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5 Things to Do to See If Your Vocabulary Instruction is Effective (& 5 Things to Do If It’s Not)

Last month, we talked a lot about semantic intervention with people who are learning AAC. Once we got started, we realized we could have done another whole month on the topic, but we had to move on. We ran out of time before we could really talk about outcome measures. As clinicians, how do we determine whether our therapy is effective? Here are some things to do after you’ve provided high-quality, well-sequenced vocabulary instruction. Make small comprehension checks a regular part of your instruction. Ask the AAC learner to tell you about ___ . Then score their response as objectively as possible (e.g., complete & correct, correct but incomplete, vague, incorrect). You’ll get some real-time feedback and can clarify or re-teach as necessary. Assess in a standardized fashion. Standardized means doing something the same way each time. Set up appropriate assessment tasks that allow you to judge how well the... [Read More...]

TELL ME About It: AAC Learning with ‘I Like It When’!

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TELL ME About It: AAC Learning with I Like It When

AAC SLPs Jeanna Antrim and Maggie Judson return to these pages for another guest post the TELL ME About It series. Today, they focus on the teaching opportunities in the book ‘I Like It When’! Maggie and Jeanna are speech-language pathologists who work in the Assistive Technology Department for the Belleville Area Special Services Cooperative (BASSC) in southern Illinois. They are AT/AAC facilitators and provide evaluations, direct therapy, consultations, and trainings with school teams. In this post, they share their ideas for classroom activities, e-learning, supporting AAC learning at home, and more. TELL ME About It: AAC Learning with ‘I Like It When’! TELL ME About The Book The sixth book in this new series is “I Like It When” by Mary Murphy.  Such a fun book to use for shared reading, with its simple text, repeated lines, and engaging illustrations.  Also, it’s chock full of embedded text (text that is... [Read More...]

AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week #46: November 2020

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AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week #46: November 2020

Happy Sunday, AAC friends. Here are some posts that you may have missed. Monday – TELL ME About It: AAC Learning with ‘Dear Zoo’! Tuesday – AAC Link Up Wednesday – Video of the Week: Cooking with AAC  Thursday – AAC Resources: A Look at Google Action Blocks ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: If you’re interested in a bit more AAC reading, check out some of these past posts. Breaking Down Barriers to AAC Implementation AAC and Emergent Literacy: 5 Posts with Implementation Ideas AAC Intervention That Teaches More and Tests Less: Thoughts on Implementation AAC in the Classroom for Students with Significant Disabilities – Implementation & Data Collection Three Ways to Use AAC Goals to Strengthen Implementation