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33 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, June 2012

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33 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, June 2012

The Fives PrAACtical Suggestions: 5 Ways to Elicit Language Without Asking a Direct Question 5 Tools to Make Aided Language Input Easier “Call Me Later:” 5 Supports for Phone Communication by People Who Use AAC Safety Matters: 5 Resources for People Who Use AAC – PrAACtical Thinking 72 Free and Lite Versions of AAC Apps AAC App Giveaway: It’s a PrAACtical Celebration 7 Apps for Adolescents with Special Needs “Not Dumb Now” (And Actually, Never Was) Pivotal Skills for AAC Intervention: Aided Language Input Before It’s Too Late: A PrAACtical Resource for Emergency Situations PrAACtical Tips for Passing the SLP PRAXIS on the First Try, Part 1 PrAACtical Resources: Making Sense of Picture Symbol Options PrAACtice Fire Safety 25 Under 5: AAC Apps PrAACtical Intervention Ideas: AAC Learning with the Toys, Websites, and Apps You Love PrAACtical Reflections on Father’s Day Introducing RELAAACs: Rubric for Evaluating the Language of Apps... [Read More...]

AAC Language Facilitation Round-Up

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AAC Language Facilitation Round-Up

Posts you may have missed on facilitating language in AAC intervention – Language Facilitation Strategies Recasting F is for Feedback Video of the Week: F is for Feedback The Art of Scaffolding as a Language Facilitation Strategy – Next month, we focus on supporting behavior so that our AAC therapy sessions have a maximal impact.

25 Under 5: AAC Apps

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25 AAC Apps Under $5.00

We are now up to 72 Free or Lite version of AAC apps.  There is another emerging price point category of apps that are not quite free but fairly close.  We were so happy to find 25 apps under $5.oo.  These are all regular versions. All the same teaching and preparation is needed when choosing AAC apps, no shortcuts here, but deciding if you need an app for ‘small talk’ or telling stories or labeling may help make it easier to decide which AAC apps to try.  The RelAAAC rubric may help with these decisions after a feature match process is done.  After selecting the AAC app, then comes the fun part. You can be creative by setting up fun opportunities to communicate. Communication temptations can be set up for  requesting (putting favorite toys in a closed screw top jar) and  commenting (wearing really big fun hats/glasses). And don’t forget... [Read More...]

F is for Feedback

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F is for Feedback

  This month we’ve been talking about ways to use traditional language facilitation strategies with people who use AAC. So far, we’ve covered expansion and extensions and recasts. This week we talk about feedback. Feedback is a critical component of any learning experience. It functions as a signpost and let’s us know where we are relative to our destination. Let’s think about how we can use it to improve the language of people who use AAC. – Contingent Responses What we do and say after the AAC learner communicates can be a powerful way to impact patterns of language use. The cardinal rule in AAC intervention is to provide consequences that are contingent on what was communicated. So, if the beginning AAC learner requested a something they don’t really like by mistake, we’d still provide that item and have them interact with it briefly before giving them a chance to make a different choice.... [Read More...]

Father’s Day Language Facilitation Activities and Gifts

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Father's Day Language Facilitation Activities & Gifts

Father’s Day is almost here.   We love celebrating fathers and/or the positive male role model in our students lives. The reason we celebrate a variety of ‘father figures’ is that we want to include ALL of our students. So we celebrate grandfathers, uncles, godfathers, husbands, brothers, or any other male the child feels represents a ‘father’ figure. Speech-language pathologists tend to love holidays and art projects.  Communication and language is learned in real (authentic) activities. So we found some great Father’s Day Crafts that we are using to facilitate communication/language AND to give ‘dads’ a great home-made gift. Remember though with a little AAC training, Anything we can do, families can do better and more often at home… Dad Tie Snack Jar Candy Bar Letter Tie Wreath Photo Collages Possible Goals (but limitless): requesting with adjectives– ‘want blue crayon’; ‘can I have striped tie?’; ‘need wood glue’ commenting– ‘pretty’; ‘that’s... [Read More...]