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Working with Older Learners: Supporting Carryover of AAC Skills

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Supporting Carryover of AAC Skills

One of the biggest challenges that SLPs face is how to help the communicator use new skills outside the therapy room. Whether the client is someone who stutters, has voice problems, or any other speech-language difficulty, the question is the same: How can we get the client to use skills that were learned and practiced in a therapeutic situation to use those same skills at home, in school, and in the community? It’s an issue with all learners, but for adolescents and adults, we seem to be playing ‘catch up’ all the time. Plus, they are encountering greater numbers of less familiar communication partners and have to fend for themselves more often, making skill generalization even more of a critical topic. Much has been written about problems of generalization by using loose training, and varying the instructional setting, partners, instructions, prompts, and materials. In our way of thinking, it starts... [Read More...]

30 Posts You May Have Missed in June

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30 Posts You May Have Missd in June

Strategy of the Month AAC Assessment for People with Aphasia Communication Books & Aphasia Speech Supplementation Strategies Aphasia, Supported Communication, Written Choice Strategy, + Variations Making it Work: 6 AAC Strategies for People with Aphasia PrAACtical Thinking Be Chatty: 5 Tips for Supported Conversation 5 PrAACtical Thoughts on Catch-Up Conversations 31 Posts You May Have Missed in May Where to Get PrAACtical Research Reviews Supporting the Use of AAC Listen to Me About What I Need and Want It’s PrAACtically Fathers Day PrAACtical Summer Learning 5 Questions about Aphasia & Communication Books Safety Matters: 5 Resources for People Who Use AAC Weighing The Evidence PrAACtical Evidence on Presuming Competence Helping People with Aphasia Compensate for Their Language Difficulties with Dr. Kristy Weissling PrAACtical Summer Activities AACtual Therapy/ How I Do It Go Fish with AAC and Shareka Bentham Marlene Cummings Shares and Implementation Toolbox Use your Best Spud to Teach Vocabulary... [Read More...]

Posts You May Have Missed For Autism Awareness Month

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30 Posts You May Have Missed in April

PrAACtical Thinking Happy April: Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month and National Poetry Writing Month Happy World Autism Day! 5 Ways to Get More Popular AAC Style 133 Free or Lite Versions of AAC Apps & App Selection Resources 5 Things To Do If You Are Not Confident Teaching Core Vocabulary 31 Posts You May Have Missed in March Communication Circles:With A Little Help From My Friends Core Vocabulary: Making Sense of Symbols AAC & RTI 5 Reasons for Using Pre-Stroed Messages in AAC Systems Speak To Me With Your Eyes My Love Keep Learning About Core Words: 8 More Things to do for Autism Acceptance Month A PrAACtical Look: AAC at the Baldwin Wallace Speech Center PrAACtical Goals That Matter 5 Ways to Use Powerpoint in AAC Intervention Strategy of The Month Teaching Core Vocabulary The First 12: Getting Started with Core Words More on Teaching Core Vocabulary More on Core... [Read More...]

AACtual Therapy-AAC in Motion: Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk with Tanna Neufeld

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AAACtual Therapy-AAC in Motion: Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk with Tanna Neufeld

Tanna Neufeld hits another homerun with this post about co-treating children with multiple disabilities. Collaborating with our colleagues is both fun and challenging. Let’s take a look at the prAACtical ways that Tanna and her colleagues support kids with motor and visual impairments who are learning to use AAC.    Fridays are my favorite.  And not just for the obvious reasons (TGIF), but also because Fridays are one of the most challenging and exciting days of my work week.  Every Friday, I am lucky enough to team with my favorite PTs for joint treatment sessions to support several children with multiple motor and communication challenges. Around our center, we lovingly refer to these kids as our “motor kids”.  All of these little ones are nonverbal, and all have very complex motor challenges that significantly limit their ability to interact with traditional play and learning environments.   Many of these kids also... [Read More...]

AACtual Therapy: “At first I was afraid, I was petrified…”

March 14, 2013 by - 1 Comment

We’re back to share more from SLP Shareka Bentham whose enthusiasm for providing AAC services to children in Barbados is infectious. If you’ve read any of her previous posts, you’ll know why we appreciate her perspective. Today, Shareka shares some of what she’s learned through starting AAC groups. Groups can be daunting for many Speech & Language Therapists. They sure were for me for many years. So to make the decision to start an AAC group was more than out of my comfort zone, especially as a beginning AAC therapist. However I think that it has been a great decision so far, as the changes that I have been seeing in the children, parents, and in myself as a therapist have been extremely encouraging.   As I keep stressing I am by no means an AAC expert, but I’m an expert in reflection. I have been able to review each... [Read More...]

Another Look at Vocabulary Instruction in AAC

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Another Look at Vocabulary Instruction in AAC

5 Things to Do to See If Your Vocabulary Instruction is Effective (& 5 Things to Do If It’s Not) AACtual Therapy: Fun & Functional Vocabulary with Shareka Bentham In the Treasure Bag: Using Sharing Time to Focus on Vocabulary Why We Love AAC Language Experience Activities 5 Great Sites for AAC Vocabulary Practice Complete Vocabulary Instruction Ideas & Activities Vocabulary Learning Materials & AAC Strategies Explicitly Speaking: Vocabulary Teaching in AAC Choosing a Focus for Vocabulary Instruction Building Word Consciousness: Vocabulary Instruction in AAC Vocabulary Learning Using Infographics Say THIS, NOT THAT to Reinforce Vocabulary Learning How to Use Magnets to Promote Language Development Vocabulary Activities: 5 Sites for Learning with Avatars What Makes a Good Vocabulary Teaching Activity? 4 Things to Look For Ideas about Vocabulary Instruction for the Beginning Communicator 10 Things to Do in Using Focused Language Stimulation in AAC Vocabulary Teaching Tell Me About It:... [Read More...]

AACtual Therapy: Fun & Functional Vocabulary

February 14, 2013 by - 3 Comments

AACtual Therapy: Fun & Functional Vocabulary

We are delighted to have Shareka Bentham back to share another post about the AACtual therapy she provides to little ones in Barbados. Last month, we followed her along to the zoo where her little friends got to generalize the language skills developed in therapy sessions. In this post, Shareka discusses her approach to something we all struggle with: selecting vocabulary that will both fun and functional.   One of my biggest challenges in AAC is choosing good vocabulary targets, and working on vocabulary instruction for early communicators.  By ‘good’ I mean targets which are functional for their everyday settings, representative, and most of all fun for children who are not only beginning communicators, but also beginning AAC users.  I have become the AAC ‘specialist’ at a school for children with complex communication needs, so I generally have to cater to the communicative needs of children from the pre-communication to... [Read More...]

AACtual Therapy: AAC Goes to the Zoo

January 10, 2013 by - 2 Comments

AACtual Therapy: AAC Goes to the Zoo

Welcome to AACtual Therapy, a new series on PrAACtical AAC that we’re undertaking in order to give you an up-close-and-personal look at SLPs who ‘do’ AAC. Each of these posts will feature one of our prAACtical friends, some of whom have been AAC interventionists for awhile and others who have come to it more recently. Each one is passionate about giving people a voice no matter what their age or ability level. They’ll be giving us a peek into an AAC therapy lesson that they use, and telling us about the strategies that make it successful. They’ll share a bit about the goals and objectives the lesson was designed to address, and what sorts of AAC their clients are using. Hopefully, we’ll see them in action Here’s what NOT to expect: Perfection. It doesn’t exist, so we don’t even bother looking for it. We’re featuring these clinicians because we want... [Read More...]