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Talking About Talking

January 8, 2012 by - 4 Comments

Talking About Talking

A colleague and I taught a workshop awhile back where there was an interesting sidebar conversation. A special educator was trying to convince an administrator that even though her student used a high tech speech generating device (SGD), she still needed the software to create other communication tools, like language boards and visual schedules. Having spent a great deal of money on AAC technology, the administrator was reluctant to commit additional funds for that authoring software. “She has a $5,000 device,” Sally Supervisor said. “Now you’re telling me you need special software to make things you can print out on paper?”The teacher’s point, of course, was a valid one. Children with AAC needs, like the rest of us, communicate in a variety of ways. In most cases, they need access to a variety of tools and the training to use them effectively. Just like we do.We gesture. We write with... [Read More...]

Resolution #2 Behavioral Visual Supports

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Resolution #2:  Get the word out that USING visual supports can help improve behavior: 5 Visual Supports to Make it Easy    (it’s more about what WE do – then compliance of the student) 1. Choice Boards                                     2. First- Then Board                                3. Stop/Go Signs 4. Border Tape 5. Break Card