PrAACtically Mother’s Day: AAC-friendly Ideas

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PrAACtically Mother's Day: AAC-friendly Ideas
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Here in the US, we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day soon. If you’re looking for resources that you can incorporate into your AAC work, we have some ideas for you. These are great for highlighting core vocabulary, such as these:

  • Pronouns: I, you, she, we, her, our
  • Verbs: can, do, give, help, like, love, make, read, see, write
  • Adjectives: good, nice, pretty, smart, strong
  • Conjunctions: and, because, but, with
  • Time Words: later, now, today, tomorrow
  • Questions: what, who, where


Read about Mothers and Mother’s Day with some of these books.

Cards and letters are always appreciated and a great way to practice language and literacy skills. Here are a few to check out.

Add a poem like this one from Kristen Brooks Dankovich and this thumbprint poem from The Schroeder Page.

Why not whip up a special recipe like this one from Susan Jones? 

Then play BINGO with these May & Mother’s Day-themed materials from Bubba H.  

If the family is growing, this story from Autism Little Learners may come in handy.

Complete a survey about Mom, like this one from Miss Nelson.

Crafts are a great way to build language and practice AAC skills.

In the classroom, there are activities like Mother’s Day Word Bank Writing from Special Edutivities or this bookmark from The AAC for All.

Take a virtual trips to some fantastic gardens like this one in Surrey or the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Don’t forget about Grandma! Jennifer Reiss has some materials that may come in handy.  

Looking for gifts?

Check out these activities about Mothers and Babies from Verna Chan.

Sing with Mom about the things you love with this verse from Speech and Language Songs. 

Direct link to video –

These Boom cards with a Mother’s Day social narrative from Spectacokids can be used in-person or through telepractice.

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