AAC Sales for Autism Acceptance Month

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AAC Sales for Autism Acceptance Month
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Twice a year, AAC  and AT specialist Lauren Enders Gonzales works with a variety of AAC vendors to highlight the deep discounts that they offer each April and October. If you click on the graphic below, you’ll be able to download a version that has hyperlinks to each vendor.

Many thanks to Lauren and all of the participating AAC vendors!


AAC Sales for Autism Acceptance Month


You can download a screen reader-friendly version here.

About the Contributor

Lauren Enders, Gonzales MA, CCC-­SLP is a licensed and ASHA certified Speech-­Language Pathologist working as a school-based Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Assistive Technology (AT) Consultant for Bucks County Intermediate Unit in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She has had a passion for using AAC and other forms of assistive technology to support students with complex communication needs and complex bodies since she began her career in 1995. Lauren presents regularly at national conferences, including Closing the Gap, ATIA, and ASHA as well as more intimate conferences, speaking engagements, and webinars. She has shared her knowledge via blog posts on PrAACticalAAC.org and USSAAC’s Speak Up blog as well as articles published in the ASHA Leader and Closing the Gap Solutions Magazines. Lauren enjoys sharing AAC and AT-related resources and networking with others in the field via FacebookPinterestTwitterInstagram, and Scoop.It.


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