AAC Awareness: Printable Resources

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AAC Awareness: Printable Resources
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Many AAC professionals are known for their generosity in creating and sharing resources to support individuals with complex communication needs.  In today’s post, we feature a sampling of some that can be helpful during AAC Awareness Month and beyond.

  1. Printables for AAC AwarenessPrint and display an AAC Poster. Create a bulletin board with an AAC focus or sprinkle these around the environment.AAC Awareness Month, Week 2: AAC Printables & Downloads
    1. From Drawn to AAC: AAC Awareness Month October Printable Posters
    2. From Emily B. Speech: AAC Awareness Month Poster and Bulletin Board Kit
    3. From The AAC Coach: Never Too Late or Early
    4. From CoughDrop: Keys to Modeling
    5. From Rachael Langley: Subway Art
    6. From Lauren Enders: AAC Do/Do Not
    7. From Kate Ahern: The Periodic Table of AAC
    8. From Noodle Nook: 5 Tips for Communicating with Nonverbal Students
    9. From Scope: Speak Up and Be Safe
    10. From PrAACtical AAC: More Teaching, Less TestingAAC Awareness Month, Week 2: AAC Printables & Downloads
  2. Share handouts
    1. Print, hang, or give someone an AAC awareness image
    2. 10 Commandments of AAC Devices
    3. Hanen Center: Tips for Parents of Children Who Communicate Without Words
    4. Susan Berkowitz: Partner Strategies for Augmentative Communication
    5. Scope: AAC Strategies in Healthcare Settings
    6. Passport Speech: AAC Awareness Month Visuals and Handouts
  3. Have fun with AAC memes created by a variety of peopleAAC Awareness Month, Week 2: AAC Printables & Downloads
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