PrAACtical Thinking Fun Father's Day AAC Activities

Published on June 6th, 2014 | by Robin Parker

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Fun Father’s Day AAC Activities

I Love dad

It’s prAACtically Father’s Day.  There are many things to talk about, create, eat, and prepare for this special day.  Check out these fun activities that can be done during communication therapy, at home, or at school.  Some can be done with dad and others can be done for dad as gifts. Enjoy the communication process.

  • Record “I Love You” on a one hit message device/card/picture.  You can give a card or talking picture as a gift.  You can use the one hit message device to tell dad “I love you” many times for father’s day and beyond.
  • Use Talking to Dad Visual Supports/Worksheets by Joel Shaul at Autism Teaching Strategies to create meaningful conversations
  • Play a memory game with dad that is supported with PCS (Thank you Mayer Johnson)
  • Use a visual recipe to prepare a sweet treat for dad. Consider chocolate covered pretzels.
  • Create a power point book about favorite things to do with dad or favorite things about dad.  Print out the book and give as a gift or save the book digitally.  Read the book together on Father’s Day.

Have fun and Happy Father’s Day!

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