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How to Make Communication Temptations Really Work

April 14, 2012 by - 8 Comments

Communication Temptations Really Work

We have been thinking about communication opportunities & temptations for a long time.  We actually think communication temptations are super fun (we promise, we really do have lives).  We are not actors by nature but we can pull off almost anything for a communication temptation.   We will pretend it is hard to open that jar, pretend we didn’t know that it is sooo hot, pretend we didn’t know the gorilla was in the room … at least until the learner lets us know.  But……We still need to go past our acting skills to make communication temptations work.   Here is a our quick 5 step process  for making communication temptations work: Decide on the Goal–  Goals can be anything from specific communication functions (i.e., requesting, protesting, showing off, greeting, commenting, etc.),  semantic concepts (i.e., recurrence, action, attribute, locative, object etc…we need to always think about the goal), or even syntactical... [Read More...]

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