COVID-19 Supports for AAC Users & Service Providers

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COVID-19 Supports for AAC Users & Service Providers
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“I need to prepare my child for nasal swab testing.”

“How can I get my students to wear their masks?”

“My students don’t wash their hands properly.”

“What vocabulary and messages should I add to SGDs for my students to be able to talk about the coronavirus?”

“How can I explain social distancing in ways that make sense?”

“What can I do to help my students know what to expect from a Zoom session?”

If you have questions like these, take some time to browse through this online resource list with over 150 free downloads, videos, and more. We’ve updated this resource quite a bit since it was first published 4 months ago and are re-publishing it for those who need visual supports, social stories, videos, and communication boards.

In the online newsletter below, you can access visual schedules for handwashing, social narratives, videos, educational materials, and more by clicking the links embedded in the graphic below. Use the slider on the right to navigate up and down, or click the image to go to the full-sized version. To view this from a mobile device or get a full-sized version of this resource, click here.

This is an evolving resource that will continue to be updated. If you know of things that we should add, please tell us in the comments below.

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This post was written by Carole Zangari


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  • Linda Vasquez says:

    I went to Samuel Gompers when I was a child in Phoenix at that time they didn’t have speech offered in public school. I am thankful for the treatment I received Thank you I am 75 now and live in WA. State My children are raised and now have 22 grandchildren . Thank you again.

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