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Video of the Week: Aided Language Input with Dr. Caroline Musselwhite

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Video of the Week: Aided Language Input with Dr. Caroline Musselwhite

There is a short list of presenters that I like go see, no matter what topic they are speaking on. Dr. Caroline Musselwhite has been on that list for a very long time. In this video, she provides an insightful discussion of a pivotal intervention strategy, aided language input. If you appreciate hearing from clinicians who have been doing this work for many years, you will love this engaging and prAACtical presentation.  You can get the accompanying handouts here and here. Please note that you will need to register in order to view the presentation. Many thanks to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation for making this available. Direct Link to Video: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/7139066695959986690

Video of the Week: Write to Talk by Dr. Caroline Musselwhite

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Video of the Week: Write to Talk by Dr. Caroline Musselwhite

As readers of this blog know, we have learned much from the work of Dr. Caroline Musselwhite. Today, we are pleased to share a video series from SET-BC entitled Write to Talk. Recorded in 2005, Dr. Musselwhite’s ideas on how to make the language-literacy connection work for people who use AAC are as relevant today as they were when this video was first posted.  

Literacy for ALL: A Series of Videos by Dr. Caroline Musselwhite

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Video of the Week- Literacy for All

Dr. Caroline Musselwhite addresses the topic of overall good literacy instruction.  She presents information about how to teach students with significant disabilities using fairly common literacy instruction strategies. There are  11 short video posts to help you get started.  She discusses the issues of AAC and suggests strategies that are easy to implement and highly effective.  Keep Calm and Watch On…  

TELL ME About It: AAC Learning with ‘What Do You Like?’

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TELL ME About It: AAC Learning with ‘What Do You Like?’

Welcome back to another installment of TELL ME About It, guest authored by Jeanna Antrim and Maggie Judson. Maggie and Jeanna are speech-language pathologists who work in the Assistive Technology Department for the Belleville Area Special Services Cooperative (BASSC) in southern Illinois. They are AT/AAC facilitators and provide evaluations, direct therapy, consultations, and trainings with school teams. In this series, they discuss how they support preschool teachers who are implementing the TELL ME program with their young students. Today, they walk us through the ways that they facilitate AAC use while focusing on the book ‘What Do You Like?’ Don’t miss their Lesson Plan, video demonstrations, and other resources at the end of the post. TELL ME About It: AAC Learning with ‘What Do You Like?’ TELL ME About Reading: The fifth book in the TELL ME program (Teaching Early Language and Literacy through Multimodal Expression) is “What Do You Like?”. ... [Read More...]

Thoughts on Practice in AAC Instruction

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Decorative image with text: Thoughts on Practice in AAC Instruction

In therapy, Matthew made sentences with many of the vocabulary words he learned 4 months ago. He hasn’t generalized that skill to the classroom yet, largely because it is still quite effortful for him to find the new words and use them to build sentences. With more experience and a lot of practice, this is sure to improve. Teesha is learning how to use 2-switch step scanning with her speech-generating device to share her thoughts and make requests. Because she’s relatively new at this, it takes a lot of effort to express herself with the AAC system. Her team is confident that this will eventually become easier and faster for Teesha, but that will only come with a lot of practice. Mallory has a lot to say, and, at times, she can hardly contain her enthusiasm for sharing her thoughts and ideas. Often, though, she spends a minute or more... [Read More...]

AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week #34: August 2019

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Decorative image with title: AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week #34: August 2019

Happy Sunday, AAC friends. It’s been quite a week here, and if your week was just as crazy then you might have missed some of these posts. Monday – TELL ME About It: AAC Literacy Kits Tuesday – AAC Link Up Wednesday – Video of the Week: A Look at PODD Books ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: While you’re here, take a look at some of these posts from the archives. Write to Talk with Dr. Caroline Musselwhite Sound/Music Cause and Effect Apps for Engaging AAC Learners Beyond the Basics: Thoughts On Effective Language Instruction for AAC Learners When Materials Aren’t Effective in AAC Teaching: 5 Things to Try When Students are Reluctant to Use AAC: 5 Things to Try  

How We Do It: The Talk Flock – Taking Care of Caregivers

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How We Do It: The Talk Flock - Taking Care of Caregivers

How can we better support parents and caregivers of children with AAC needs? Meredith Laverdure and Jaime Lawson, who are SLPs and former co-workers, wanted to do more for the families they served. Meredith is currently a doctoral student at Old Dominion University.  Her clinical and research interests include building communicative competence for children with complex communication needs with group interventions, as well as family- and community-level support.  Jaime has predominately worked with pediatric clients, focusing on AAC/AT evaluations and intervention. Her clinical and research interests include enhancing communicative opportunities for children across settings and in various social settings, group intervention, family-centered therapy, and communication partner training. In this post, Meredith and Jaime share their experiences in developing The Talk Flock, a parent education and support group. Enjoy! The Talk Flock: Taking Care of Caregivers As speech-language pathologists in the outpatient pediatric setting with a busy AAC/AT clinic, we tried to... [Read More...]

Fun Finds at ATIA 2019

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Fun Finds at ATIA 2019

As expected, the ATIA Conference in Orlando last week had a robust selection of AAC learning opportunities. Here are two of the fun finds we thought you’d like to explore. The AAC Strand Spotlight Session This panel asked four thought leaders in AAC to each identify two intervention challenges and discuss their ideas for addressing them. The speakers were from a variety of practice settings and addressed a range of implementation issues. Christopher Bugaj, AAC and AT Specialist at Loudoun County Public Schools Transitions & Turnovers:  Killers of Language Learning Progression Keeping Up With The Training Demand Vicki Clarke, SLP/CEO, Dynamic Therapy Associates, Inc. Addressing Opportunity Barriers to Participation Facilitator Attitude, Knowledge, & Skill Barriers Caroline Musselwhite, Literacy & AAC Specialist Facilitating Generalization Age-Respectful and Engaging Materials/Activities for Adolescents & Teens Gail VanTatenhove, SLP/CEO, AACell, Inc. Providing Person-Specific  AAC Design in an App/MAP Happy World The Aging of AAC Users... [Read More...]

Video of the Week: Journal Writing & AAC

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Video of the Week: Journal Writing & AAC

Today’s video features the work of Mary Louise Bertram (Australia) and Caroline Musselwhite (US), both of whom are well-known to PrAACtical AAC readers, and focuses on journal writing, a writing activity that takes places in homes and classrooms around the world. In this video, we learn ways to make it meaningful and successful for beginning communicators who use AAC. Many thanks to the presenters and to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation for making and sharing this helpful video. To learn more about literacy and communication for early communicators from Dr. Musselwhite and others, check out the AAC in the Desert Conference. Direct Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoHlga-xemU  

AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week #25: June 2018

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AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week #25: June 2018

Happy Sunday, AAC friends. We’re celebrating Father’s Day here in the US but if you have time to catch up on a little AAC, you might be interested in a few of our posts from last week. Monday – AAC Assessment Corner with Vicki Clarke: Evaluating Skills For Use of Comprehensive AAC Systems, Part 2: Language Representation Elements – Noun Symbol Use for Functional Communication Tuesday – AAC Link Up Wednesday – Video of the Week: AAC in Emergency Situations – Tales from the Trenches Thursday – PrAACtical Resources: Core Vocabulary Flipbook for June Words :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: We spent part of the week with Dr. Caroline Musselwhite who shared some wonderful ideas for teaching emergent to early conventional literacy skills. Her terrific workshop got us in the mood for a little more on AAC, reading, and writing. Using an Alphabet Flipbook for Writing Writing Instruction for Students with Angelman Syndrome Robust Literacy Instruction for... [Read More...]