Video of the Week: Aided Language Input Demo

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Video of the Week: Aided Language Input Demo
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This week’s video features Gail Van Tatenhove doing part of a lesson on disaster preparedness, something we take pretty seriously in Florida during hurricane season. In this short clip, Gail is modeling on a large AAC language board/poster. She is working with a small group of adults who use SGDs and they are using core words to talk about the concept of ‘an emergency.’ 

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  • Juan Velasco says:

    I am from the IT department at Hempstead Schools district and I was asked to install the ALI on a laptop so the student can use use it at home during this summer, but I do not see the site or the downloads option. I appreciate you help.

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      Juan, thank you for reaching out on this. In the context of this post, ALI refers to a strategy that people can use to help students with complex communication needs learn to express themselves. It is something that we do, not a software program or extension that can be downloaded/installed. You may want to go back to the team who requested your support to get more information on what they need help with. Thanks again for caring enough to ask about ALI!

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