Aphasia, AAC & Apps

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Aphasia, AAC, Apps
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 Check out these Aphasia Apps in Action

Small Talk Apps by Lingraphia-Free now

Business, Aphasia, AAC, & a Small Talk App

About Small Talk

My ChoicePad Makaton Symbols

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This post was written by Robin Parker


  • Ann Barry says:

    These videos are great. Do you know how much the app My ChoicePad costs? That looks like a really nice app for all ages.
    Thank you.

    • Robin Parker says:

      Thanks so much for writing. MYCHOICEPAD has a lite version that is free and the regular version is 74.99 (in Euros). However, as of now can not purchase in the US iTunes store. Will keep you posted on when it might be available in US iTunes store.

  • Valerie Maples says:

    Sadly, it appears MyChoicePad is UK only; US store says not available here.

    • Robin Parker says:

      Thanks so much for writing. You are so correct. I am trying to reach the developer and asking if it will be available anytime soon on US iTunes.

    • Robin Parker says:

      Thanks for writing because it made me explore further. If you change stores, you can purchase the app even in the US. When I went into iTunes, it prompted me to change stores.

    • Robin Parker says:

      One more, not able to get it but did send email to developer. Will keep you posted.

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