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PrAACtical Teaching

May 30, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

PrAACtical AAC

One of the most frequent questions that we have been asked lately seems to be about which strategies to use to teach a student (child, adult) how to use the AAC app or device that was just just purchased. Often training was provided on the technical aspects of programming but not on teaching strategies. Without knowing how to TEACH a student to USE the AAC app or device or communication system, the tool becomes almost meaningless. Here are some of our favorite AAC teaching strategies and resources: 5 High Impact PrAACtical AAC Teaching Strategies: Use Aided Language Input Use Modeling Use the Perfect Pause Use Many Meaningful Communication Opportunities Use an AAC Way of Thinking 5 PrAACtical AAC Teaching Resources: Getting Started with Steps and Video: aackids.psu.edu/index.php/page/show/id/1 Free Webinars: www.ablenetinc.com/Support/AbleNet-Educational-Resources Rationales, Explanations, and Ideas: talksense.weebly.com/whats-new.html Strategies, Ideas, & Resources: prekese.dadeschools.net/AS/aac.html General Teaching Tips: aac.unl.edu/yaack/d0.html

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