Watch this- Planning with Strategies

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Watch This: Planning with Strategies
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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Spring break brings a lot of change in routine, unstructured time, & different expectations for most families and clinicians.  The changes usually happen even before the break begins because everyone is getting ready  (in school, clinics, & at home).  When you add daylight savings time, holidays, field trips, travel, family gatherings, and more  there is potential for lots of learning of language as well as possible challenges. At this time, it is often helpful to use AAC & visual support strategies for supporting meaningful language experiences and preventing disorganization and meltdowns.

We love going through the Watson Institute You-Tube video channel (thank you, thank you , thank you Watson Institute)  and looking for  demonstrations of visual strategies that are effective for helping learners visually organize and communicate all kinds of information. We use the videos for training and education of clinicians and families. The list of videos is also a great reminder of the many strategy options available. Here are a just a few examples of short but easy to use videos. Have fun exploring the full channel and you are sure to find a strategy that will work for  your specific goals.





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