Check your Twitter Stage

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Check Your Twitter Stage
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About Twitter: When Carole and I began our blogging adventure, we were very new to any kind of social media (unbelievably only a year ago).  Somehow, I got Twitter to explore and she got Facebook (maybe because I didn’t have an account on either and she at least had Facebook).  I quickly felt like I was the lucky one in that division of labor.   I realized that I was learning more on Twitter than at any conference or workshop I had attended in the past several (many) years. And I was learning on a ‘tweet to tweet’ basis.  So, I would tell Carole about new things and tell her she really had to try Twitter too.  And she would smile and say “ok, soon”….  To fully appreciate this, you have to really know ‘Carole’.  Carole is one of the most knowledgeable people I know, but she is also very humble.  She always makes you feel that you have something good to offer. On top of that, Carole is actually Dr. Zangari to most, and  a consummate academic. She researches, authors/edits books (check out Practically Speaking by Soto & Zangari, 2009) and uses evidenced based practice for every decision she makes.  So after many conversations where she placated me, she finally tried Twitter.  One (of many) great thing about Carole is she is flexible and fast to admit she didn’t understand what I was saying until then. .. We both now incorporate Twitter into our personal learning network and our teaching.  We love this info graphic about the Twitter Stages, click on the image to decide what stage you are in? And look further below for other Twitter resources.

A Few Twitter Resources

Getting Started and Understanding Twitter for Education

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