5 AAC & Tech Things We Do On Fridays

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We usually have a somewhat lighter schedule on Friday so these are the fun AAC and Tech things we try and do: 1.   Check with Moms with Apps for Fridays free and discounted apps. We also check with http://techinspecialed.com 
2.   Create or find a good visual support to USE over the weekend or the next week. We are trying out a new beta site called Symbly that allows you to create communication boards and other visual supports as well as copy or modify the Symbly community ‘public’ supports.   You do need an invitation to join the site, but when we requested one we got it very quickly.  For now this is a free site, but beta testing is scheduled to end January 28th and that may change.
3.   Add a book to your AAC library for yourself.  Consider 
Practically Speaking: Language: Literacy, and Academic Development for Students with AAC Needs, Edited by Gloria Soto & Carole Zangari- (full disclosure: proud promotion of my friend & collaborator)

4.   Add an Adapted book to your library through Tar Heel Reader
5.   Have fun and incorporate visual supports into community activities!  We try and get some exercise after being inside most of the week.  South Florida is beautiful this time of year and we can even go outside and walk/run.  We have visual supports for route choices, exercise talk (it’s so hard, etc.), and swimming.  Maybe soon we will learn to surf and be part of a surf camp that is run in Miami by the UM-NSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilies and the Miami Parks and Recs (next camp this Spring).  Our favorite thing about the week long camp (other than the smiles on everyones faces) is that  that Visual Supports are USED!

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